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==(Deep Blue Clouds)== ==(Deep Blue Clouds)==

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


All of the instruments mixed perfectly, all harmonizing their tunes with each other. Something that I really wouldn't expect from most audios.

It was relaxing, but kept you awake and listening. It held my attention nicely. Wonderful and inspiring, it is. You should keep moving in a good direction with pieces like these.

But you should probably tone down some notes, for they get a little loud sometimes. Which are pretty unnecessary. It just floods some of the background, which makes it hard to keep up with.

But it was pretty impressive, keep it up!

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Buoy responds:

(I have delayed responding to reviews for too long. I'm sorry.)

Glad to hear you liked it! Thanks for those nice words :)

Dunno which notes you're talking about really, but I could check that and sort it out.

Again, thanks!

Sorrow Knows Many Names Sorrow Knows Many Names

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was brilliant!

It all had wonderful mixes of notes, and was fabulous to listen to.

The Piano you used must have been pretty high quality, because all the notes were crisp and in-tune. Your playing skills are also amazing.

The only REAL problem, was in the first half. It seemed a little quiet and boring. Just some simple notes with short pauses in between. It didn't really keep the song moving forward, just keeping it slow.

But it was quite nice.

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MusicMyOxygen responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. My playing skills are amazing? Why thank you. Seriously. I wouldn't think so since this is the first full piano piece I have ever played, I've never had really any experience with piano, and it was all from memory days after I composed it. But to hear I actually don't sound bad is good to know.
I am sorry you did not enjoy the first half. I do admit it is a little quiet. As I have said I may re-record this in the future and when I do maybe I'll consider making some changes to it. Thank you for your review.

Paff! Paff!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It was a pretty good song that mixed well with the other instruments in it, but not really quite my style.

The harmonious singing in the background in some parts didn't make much sense, either. Just a little something that could be taken out; not really needed.

Also, it didn't end very well. It used some instruments that really weren't in the song, and had a whole lot of static there. Not really sure what's up with that, but it sort of messes up the song.

Not too good, not too bad.

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svere responds:

Okay... Thanks for your time :P

&amp;lt;==Cry Out In Terror==&amp;gt; <==Cry Out In Terror==>

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This was really good and unique. It just seems that you used a whole lot of beeps, though. Not any REAL instrumental purpose of it. Just, as I said, beeps.

But it sounds like it could be used in the a boss battle of an old-timey 16 bit game. It has that suspense and power feeling to it.

The ending didn't really loop well with the beginning, though. It should probably sound more like the beginning than it did. That way, it won't say queer when it just goes from high-pitched beeps to low-pitched beeps that REALLY don't mix well. So I advise that you fix that.

But, all in all, it was a pretty good song.

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DjCompass responds:

I see a pattern developing here...
Note to self: Make loopable.
Yeah, this one is just synths (aka beeps) so there's definetly not much instrumental value.
Thanks for the review.

Hacsev Jazz Hacsev Jazz

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great! But needs some improvements.

It was a lovely little song that I enjoyed. I think you went just a bit crazy with the accent on some beats, though.

Also, in some parts the background was too soft, I just couldn't hear it. The background is almost like the backbone of the song, so it needs to be strong.

Furthermore, there were some really blank parts with just the background playing, so it just seemed bare and really missing something. I suggest that, in those parts, add something interesting.

And, before I go, you might want to make the fade-out a little better. It just seemed a little too rushed, so you might want to make it slower.

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Hacsev responds:

First: Thanks a lot for the 10th review, dude.
Second: You're right that some parts like the end were soft and it was a backbone of the song, but this song was made in 1 hour or less. I'm going to make a new one and better one after madness day (the song is not going to be done on madness day btw). I'm going to try the best I can for my next song and make a better fade-out. See ya until then.

Running In The 90's RMX Running In The 90's RMX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This song is absolutely awesome.

And I am not the one to break the chain of perfect 10's.

Keeps me listening to it over and over.

The only REAL problem was that there was a whole lot of lyrics... and I think it disrupts the song. So, I think that you should do another one of this, just cut out the lyrics (if that's not too much to ask).

But it's incredibly good.

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Crazy pipe Crazy pipe

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Wow, what? An honest review?

Hey, I'm that random guy that you sent me this to. So, if you make any more techno music, don't send it to me. I hate random people doing that.

Loopage: Well, first off, if you want to make a loop, make sure that it starts abruptly, and then gets really musical. Then it turns it down a notch to make it fit in with the loop. Well, you didn't really make that happen. It was kind of the way that you might have if you're having a song that DOESN'T loop. It was more like a song that went from the bottom, to the top, then back to the bottom all of a sudden when it re-looped.

Sounds: Yeah, the sound weren't good, or original. I have heard these types of sounds TRILLIONS of times before. The way they hurt my ears was astonishing. Now, if you had made some original sounds, this could have helped you in a way that would be completely surreal. We have our obvious low tones, and our obvious high tones. Is there ever such a thing as middle tones?

Music: Well, since you had low tones and high tones, there had to be a balance. No, I'm not talking about middle tones anymore, but what I AM talking about are the sounds making it sound right. And no, they were actually quite off. So, really, get all different kinds of people to check this out. Make them give their opinions, and see what your inevitable audience is going to be.

Ear bleeding: Yes, this song made my ears hurt UNCONTROLABLY. The high notes were REALLY high, and the low notes were REALLY sharp. If you can balance them, hell, way to go. But this is actually VERY HARD to do with techno. So, I wish you an inevitable review like this.

Overall: Yes, the song was somewhat good. No, it wasn't good enough to get another 10. I really think that the beats could have been timed better, and that they could have been balanced better.

Extra things: Remember to create your own .gif image for this, don't just use it from another flash. Atleast get the permission to use it first. If you did, then put it in someplace obvious for the rest of us to see it. Correct grammar is also something important for using in your author's comments section.

People who are reading this: Don't just quickly rate this useless because you love the song, and don't just quickly rate it helpful because you hate the song. Read this review, and see what I have done to make it worthy of being deemed helpful, or useless.

LUIGIMASTER234 responds:


Random Loops! Random Loops!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Meh... Not the best...

These loops were okay, but they weren't something to "Wow!" about. You could really use more work on your syncing with the other instruments. Y'know, making them sound like the REALLY belong together in harmony. The basic song was fine, but DEFINATELY wasn't perfect and DID need some work. The background drums and background synthesizers really needed to be softer and let the foreground music be the one that you're listening to the most. Also, maybe if you focused more around a certain type of insturment and sound, then you would have gotten a better result then having a whole lot of noises being thrown in there. I might be sounding like a nerd with all the critisism I'm giving you, but bettering the economy and the people in it really benifits in the long run. So, keep on making you audio and hope that it will be recognised and used someday. Possibly in a flash movie.

Y'know, most people don't like premade loop songs. But I think it's just like writing a book with words that some one else made up. Why not make your own words, huh? But then, no one would understand you and your book will get a bad rating, so just use other, more known words. Also, it's like Flash, most people don't like to see people using other people's sprites in their animation. It's like some one did the work for them. Well, what's next? Are you going to just write an entire new animating program, becuase some one else made Flash? Would that make sense? Huh, would it?

In conclusion, you did fine, but not outstanding. 5/10 2/5

omendesigns responds:

as I did say, it was the second song I made after I got this computer(you don't even wanna hear the first...) I know its just a loop song, but thats because I was still learning the program and such... my earlier submissions on NG are my later songs, and they're not loop songs(though I did use drum loops... w/e) Thanks for the review, I guess... lol jkjk srsly, however, thanks... Imma go play more kingdom Hearts now... lol


Dance of the Spheres Remix 2 Dance of the Spheres Remix 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You DEFINITLY succeed!

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Zelda TWW - Ocean Theme Remake Zelda TWW - Ocean Theme Remake

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved playing this game and is sounds almost exactly like it. The only thing I hated, [about the game, not the song] is listening to this song 70 times when going from island to island but it's good as an actual song.

Sonic-Freak responds:

I loved this song, sometimes I just went to the ocean to hear that song..hehe^^ and thanks :D