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It's... unreal.

Oh my god my sides. XD

This was, well... Your flash is in another genre.

First, let's start off by saying that this had absolutely no point. Most things have a bell curve when you're talking about writing, which means that there was no script you followed to make this. It had no exposition, rising action, falling action, conclusion, and most importantly, it didn't have a climax. It was just... there.

I understand this was supposed to be a joke, but this joke is so over-used and simply not funny anymore. It didn't help that you really just put random discouraging text as a filler for this nonsense. I mostly like your work, this just wasn't it.

Emptygoddess responds:

I don't think it was really supposed to be a joke.

But i am sorry it did not engage you on any level. Maybe next time.

Gee, that's cool.

So, all of it was pretty good but there were exactly two exceptions that could have made this an eight or nine:

Sound effects and scene select/menu

Geez, It would have been a completely different experiences of I didn't have to listen to the pre-recorded, "GAAH!" "UGH" and "AAAAH!"'s. If there was an option to turn off sound effects or just have none of them all together it would just be a lot better.

Also, if you go to a scene select, the part of the song where the animation was doesn't play like it normally would. So, if you want to re-watch a part you thought was really cool you can't really get all of it unless you watch the entire collab again. And it doesn't stop at that one scene either, you have to watch the entire collab again to get back to the main menu. All with no music.

Hopefully this can be a short lesson to you if you ever organize another collab, because I know that the first one would always be tough.

Fizzled responds:

just so you know, it's impossible to make the music start when the scene starts. try using flash. unless you now your actionscript and want to spend 8 hours finding out at which second the scene changes.

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Game-breaking glitch

There is a game breaking glitch in this game that has prevented me (and others, looking at the comments) from completing the game.

This happens with the fourteenth tile, when trying to get the key to unlock the fifteenth tile. After getting the key to the dead-end vertical passage, you unlock the upside-down Y shaped passage. Climbing to the top of the dead end passage using the ladders, jumping to the tile with the vertical drop, then quickly changing the dead end tile to the upside-down Y shaped tile and falling will leave the player stranded in a tile that it is not possible to get out of.

This game-breaking glitch can easily be fixed by installing ladders in the upside-down Y shaped tile. I would highly recommend doing so, since the game is not complete-able with this glitch.

I just wanted to alert you of this in case you weren't already aware. Besides this one flaw, the game was great and a fun experience. The music was especially fitting, and increased the intensity of the moment. All very terrific design choices.

Fun, but impossibly difficult.

I knew a Nyan Cat game had to come out eventually, and you did a good job of capturing the whole idea and the fun spirit of Nyan Cat.

But, really, it kind of ruins it when you have 10 bones and 15 dogs on the screen within the first ten seconds of the game.

Great job.

This is an amazing app for my favorite thing: music. I've been listening to it every day for a couple of weeks now and I feel compelled to write a review of it.

You did lots of things right from the start. Broad menus, sub-genres, "more from this artist", and compiling a very accurate list of songs for each genre.

I'd like to see one feature added though. A "remove all from this artist" feature. Sometimes there's a band and you like absolutely none of their songs, but you still have to either listen to or skip over their songs. I normally play full-screen games when I listen to this app, and having to exit out of the game just to change songs can get very annoying. I hope this improvement will make it in to Music Quest 2!

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All of the instruments mixed perfectly, all harmonizing their tunes with each other. Something that I really wouldn't expect from most audios.

It was relaxing, but kept you awake and listening. It held my attention nicely. Wonderful and inspiring, it is. You should keep moving in a good direction with pieces like these.

But you should probably tone down some notes, for they get a little loud sometimes. Which are pretty unnecessary. It just floods some of the background, which makes it hard to keep up with.

But it was pretty impressive, keep it up!

Review Request Club

It was brilliant!

It all had wonderful mixes of notes, and was fabulous to listen to.

The Piano you used must have been pretty high quality, because all the notes were crisp and in-tune. Your playing skills are also amazing.

The only REAL problem, was in the first half. It seemed a little quiet and boring. Just some simple notes with short pauses in between. It didn't really keep the song moving forward, just keeping it slow.

But it was quite nice.

Review Request Club

MusicMyOxygen responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. My playing skills are amazing? Why thank you. Seriously. I wouldn't think so since this is the first full piano piece I have ever played, I've never had really any experience with piano, and it was all from memory days after I composed it. But to hear I actually don't sound bad is good to know.
I am sorry you did not enjoy the first half. I do admit it is a little quiet. As I have said I may re-record this in the future and when I do maybe I'll consider making some changes to it. Thank you for your review.


It was a pretty good song that mixed well with the other instruments in it, but not really quite my style.

The harmonious singing in the background in some parts didn't make much sense, either. Just a little something that could be taken out; not really needed.

Also, it didn't end very well. It used some instruments that really weren't in the song, and had a whole lot of static there. Not really sure what's up with that, but it sort of messes up the song.

Not too good, not too bad.

Review Request Club

svere responds:

Okay... Thanks for your time :P

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It's so good

It completely broke the broke the system. I gave this art a rating of 5, which brought it down to 6.05. (lolwut)

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