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Posted by Yrtnej - March 28th, 2011

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Posted by Yrtnej - October 23rd, 2010

Come on, man, release chapter two already. It's been over a year.

I mean Megaman X: RPG, of course.

Check it out and play the first chapter, if you haven't already.

Posted by Yrtnej - June 25th, 2009

Hey, this is Yrtnej. I've practically mastered this game (to a certain extent) and felt that I needed to share my knowledge with the rest of Newgrounds. Let's cut straight to the chase, shall we?

V. 1.0
I made this walkthrough to help people. It isn't completely complete, if you will, though. I'm still working on it, just be patient.

V. 1.1
I made some slight revisions due to users giving me some helpful info to improve this guide. Thanks to nit3mar30, Lumino, and AuraDevil. You guys are awesome.

V. 1.2
I made a re-adjustment to Planning Ahead (3.1). It now gives you a short equipment thingy on how to get 4 Battle-Chips without going over. Thanks to LedgendGamer for pointing that out.

V. 1.3
Thanks to Fooliolo for the inspiration for a Get Rich Quick section (3.6), nit3mar30 (again) for Battle-Chip and Skill information (The new 4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.1.1, 4.2.2, and 5) and omega18 for Battle-Chip combinations full of win (4.5). You guys are all so helpful.

V. 1.4
Fixed some small bits of useless advice now that the actual game itself has changed. You can't get Gizmondos from Construction Workers and Tornadoman no longer does a billion damage.

V. 1.5
The newgrounds user sayal brought to my attention that I needed to make a couple of revisions to Course 3 (2.1.3).

V. 1.6
Thanks to mkananoja for making this helpful info on Battle-Chips. I can only include it here, because we already have a guide, though. Sorry!

V. 1.7
No real changes here, but I just wanted to note that if you type into Google "Megaman X RPG Chapter 1 Walkthrough" (without the quotations) my this page comes up as the first link! How cool is that?


1 - Story Mode
2 - Miniquests
2.1 -Training Courses
2.1.1 - Course 1
2.1.2 - Course 2
2.1.3 - Course 3
2.1.4 - Aftermath
2.2 - Hidden Bosses
2.2.1 - Tips and Help
2.2.2 - Hidden Boss 1
2.3 - Assignments
2.3.1 - Killing Mavericks
2.3.2 - Compression Coil
3 - Miscellaineous
3.1 - Planning Ahead
3.2 - Best Ways to Level Up
3.3 - Skill Trees and You!
3.4 - Battle-Chips for Classes
3.5 - Achievements
3.6 - Get Rich Quick
4 - Battle-Chips and Commands
4.1 - Basic Chips
4.2 - Advance Chips
4.3 - Character Chips
4.4 - Commands
4.4.1 - Battle-Chip Commands
4.4.2 - Upgrade Commands
4.5 - Battle-Chip Combinations
5 - Upgrades (Maxed)
6 - Special Thanks
7 - Legal Stuff


1 - Story Mode

When you start off, walk to the right a bit and Alia will talk to you. Something about an enemy or something, but that's not the point. Keep walking, pick up the items in the blue boxes along the way, if you wish. You'll overcome some devastating obstacles like jumping over holes and such. After a bit you'll hear a noise, and Axl and Zero will talk to you. Just keep walking right.

Oh no! a robot stranger in distress! Now you'll enter your first battle. It's pretty simple. Bash on the enemies until they die. Zero attacks twice with the sword, and X and Axl attack multiple times with the buster. Use this to your advantage.

When you defeat them you'll get a cutscene with the robot you were just saving. He talks about the robots, the nuclear destruction, and refugees. He'll then ask to come with you. I HIGHLY recommend that you take him with you, because if you say no twice, he actually won't come along. Even if you do say no, though, he'll be with you in the training courses. Keep that in mind.

Now, you can go one of two ways. Top or bottom. If you got the robot, you'll learn the bottom has more enemies, which is useful since you're going to fight a boss later. If you pick the bottom route, then you have a chance to get an extra $5000, though. Either way you pick, you now get random encounters. Stay on your toes!

If you picked the top, keep going right until you face... A GIANT BIG ORANGE BALL OF DEATH, OH NOES! No, but seriously. Touch it and you'll face a bunch of enemies. Walk a bit right and now your in the computer room.

If you picked the bottom, eventually you'll be in a room where you start off on a platform. Drop below it and you'll be in a different computer room. You'll listen to a bit of dialog, and you can chose to leave him and fix the problem. This will give you an extra $5000 at the end of the mission. You won't be able to have Axl when you fight Dynamo, but Dynamo won't have the extra enemies around him. It's up to you to decide what's more important.

Hooray, a save point! Use this often, it can save you from having to restart back a LONG way. Now go and face Dynamo. There's a cut scene of the gang trying to arrest Dynamo, but he won't go, so now you get to kill him.

Boss fight, Yay! Now, if I were you, I would kill all the little guys first (if you picked the tp route or didn't leave Axl), then you can focus and thrashing on dynamo. Once you're done with that, use Deep Scan on his ass. You'll find out that he's immune to melee and buster attacks, so if you try to use those this will take a while. Use techs that have elemental qualities (X's Light Beam, Zero's Icy Breath, and Axl's Vapor).

Okay, so you've beaten Dynamo and gotten your first achievement. You won! Congratu- BOOM. You get hit by a huge laser and now you're dead. Well, not really dead, but 98% dead. If you left him, Axl is now back with you. Now you're in a cell or something. You get to hear Dynamo being pissed off and two humans talking to you about their awful situation. Now you can just kind of... lay there, not sleeping for eight or so hours, I dunno.

Now it's morning, you can hear the birds chirping and the flowers-- WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? OH NO, IT'S... IT'S... it's, uhh... umm... hmm. Oh yeah, it's Sigma and he just nearly killed someone. He gets warned of your presence and then leaves you to peacefully die of OBS (Out of Battery Syndrome) Then Alia starts yelling for a medic, because somehow they knew you were here and didn't help you for the last eight hours. Anyway, now you get to save, although you didn't do anything.

Now you get a scene of X talking. The poor, puny humans. Now you finally get to play again. Exit your room via left, and go get Axl (go into the door you came in and select Axl's room). Walk to the far right, and go through the door, then walk right one more door, then finally the next door on your right. You talk to Alia, then to Signas. You learn of the all-powerful EMP laser and the President telling you to go destroy it. Now, you get assessed on how well you did your mission. If you left Axl behind, you get an $17000, but if you didn't you'll get $12000.

Well you can finish story mode now... at level, what, 8? That's if you want to be a Negative Nancy. You can do either save the people or save Zero, but I have no clue what each one does, because... well, story mode ends here. If you want, you can look at other parts of this walkthrough to help you get ahead of the game, though.


2 - Miniquests

2.1 - Training Courses

2.1.1 - Course 1

There's not much to say here. Run into the enemies to start a battle. Both Training (excluding the third) courses are composed of three parts. One, a multiple battle, two, a skill jumping, and three, a boss battle. So kill those enemies and jump on those blocks.

When you get to the boss, you're screwed unless you have a lot of healing stuff or a healer, and at least one person who can use elemental techs. That being said, we can move on. As before, kill the smaller ones first, then go for the boss. Use Deep Scan and keep healing yourself and keep hitting him with techs. After a while of bashing him constantly, he'll die. You now beat course one! Now, you can play course two.

2.1.2 - Course 2

Again, kill all the enemies and jump over the annoying platforms. Now you can get to the boss.

This time around, you're screwed unless you have a lot of status regenerators, or use Plantman's Battle-Chip. But after beating the first boss, this one will seem like a piece of cake. You'll probably get it on your first or second try. Use Deep Scan and start bashing him over and over. Eventually, like all other things in life, he'll die and now you can go on to course three.

2.1.3 - Course 3

You don't have to defeat any enemies or jump through obstacles, you just have to kill three bosses. Simple, right? Eh, at least they aren't all together... right?

Use Deep Scan on all of them (it's seriously the most useful skill) and start trying to kill it. The buster and most techs work effectively for the Yellow Devil and Guts Man G, but for the Ice Giant, you'll have to use heat-based techs. Use Bombman for the best results. That way you'll kill two birds in one stone by hurting it and disabling it with status afflictions.

If you want to destroy the Yellow Devil the easiest way possible, then have Axl come in with a Limit Break at the start of the battle and watch it die within the first turn. This is useful if you don't want to spend that much time killing bosses and more time killing smaller enemies.

After you kill each one you can take the special equipment and their battle spoils. If you want to, sell the equipment and the battle spoils. They aren't as useful as some of the stuff you can buy in the store. Ironic, huh?

2.1.4 - Aftermath

Well, if you feel like taking on the bosses separately again, you're going to be very unhappy. From this point on, you can now battle them all together. Here's the kicker: Their battle style changes every time. Which means I can't help you! The best I can say is come in with at least two Limit Breaks and you'll destroy one boss from the beginning. I recommend this order: Yellow Devil, then Ice Giant, and then Guts Man G. (Switch Ice Giant with Guts Man G if you don't have Bombman's Battle-Chip.)

Remember Course Two? Yeah, the boss isn't there any more. You came all the way here to look in a box. I will tell you something very important. Whatever you do, however you do it, do NOT sell the item that you are about to get. It is very important. You got... (Zelda music) THE ODD KEY! If you saw that janitor's closet by your rooms, then you know what this does. It opens that door. But before you do anything else, you must save. This thing will kill you almost immediately, if you don't do it right.

2.2 - Hidden Bosses

2.2.1 - Tips and Help

If you are a normal person and get frustrated by at least the first hidden boss, then you've come to the right place. These things are HARD. H-A-R-D. Hard like Megaman 9 and Ninja Gaiden 2's bastard son who grew up on the streets of New York, kind of hard.

Bombman's Battle-Chip and Splashwoman's Battle Chips are essential if you don't want to die within the first three seconds. Either way, you still will probably die in the first three seconds. Get out your clipboard and your checklist cause you need to prepare. You should have the following:

- Be at least level 25
- Have maxed Reflective Coating, Elemental Breaker, Quick Cast, and Reinforcement.
- Preferably have maxed Energy Reserves, Tactile, Field Medic, Bully, and Passive Aggressive.
- Possibly have maxed Tolerance, Ether Efficient, and your choice of buster or melee upgrade(s).
- Have a lot of health restoring items, in case something happens to your medic.
- Maxed Bombman's Battle-Chip for your non-medic.

Got all that? Now you just improved your chances of winning by A LOT, but you probably will die anyway. It's only too bad if you don't know the trick, but I'll tell you it because I'm nice.

2.2.2 - Hidden Boss 1

First off, drain AS MUCH OF YOUR SP AS POSSIBLE (but still have at least 35 left on whoever has the Bombman chip (enough for Dark Bomb)). This will make the devastating poisoning attack a lot more withstandable. Do you think I'm crazy? Go ahead and watch it do under 10 damage every time. You still have to watch out for its other attacks, though. They'll take up a lot of your HP if you aren't careful. Don't think of this as cheating; think of it as an easy mode.

When it dies, for a split second it will come up as Ciel (I think).

2.3 - Assignments

2.3.1 - Killing Mavericks

First off, you can find the assignment board near the cafe, to the far right of the hunter base, but not yet outside. Here you can complete an astounding amount of two whole assignments. Now, before we get too excited to think, go and save your game. You don't want to die.

When you take the assignment, you will be immediately transported to your location. Nifty, huh? Keep walking right and you will find a huge ball o' orange. There, you'll fight nine mavericks. NINE. Geez, overkill, much? Anyway, you're in this and you can't get out. Pick them off one by one with techs and soon you'll be done. $5000 whole dollars? Wow, they really make you seem like you did something "important."

2.3.2 - Compression Coil

This one isn't hard, just equip Fireman's Battle-Chip and you'll get the ability to Steal. Go out in Training Course One or Two, and keep using Steal until an enemy gives it to you. Upgrade the skill Greedy on your upgrades to help the percentage of this happening. You can always reset it later at the shop.

Go to the lobby (far to the left of the janitor's closet) and the guy will thank you with equipment, (Hint, hint, get the buster) but it's up to you choose what equipment item you want to get.

Here are the stats in case you want to compare for yourself:

Buster: Lawbreaker: +10 str, 20 eth, 50 power, 100 charge, 2 chip slot
Armour: a brown coat: +45 hp, 5 str, 32 def, 30 E.def, 10 luck, 20 power, 30 charge, 1 chip slot
Trinket : Bandit Charm: 30 luck

3 - Miscellaneous

3.1 - Planning Ahead

You ask me, "What do you mean by 'Planning Ahead?'" Well, just be quiet and stay seated, and I'll tell you. By 'Planning Ahead' I mean that you have to think about who your character is going to become. Think about it. If you have three brute force people, then what happens when you run out of items, or have to use techs? By planning ahead, you can specialize and optimize your team so you can get the maximum potential out of them.

First off, you need to have 4 Battle-Chips on everyone (max number) and the best way to get them is this:

Combat Blaster (1 Chip)
Metabolic Seal (1 Chip)
Chip Interface B (2 Chips)

If you got the Lawbreaker:

Lawbreaker (2 Chips)
Reploid Armor v. 2 (2 Chips)
Your choice of Trinket (?)

What you should do is get a Fighter, a Medic, and a Mage. Fighters obviously need Battle-Chips and equipment that help them boost Strength, Power, and Charge. Medics need Battle-Chips and equipment that help them boost Ether, Defense, and Ether Defense. Mages need Battle-Chips and equipment that help them boost Ether, Resistance, and Focus. These things effect how well your certain-class characters perform.

Also, some good Battle-Chips include but are not limited to:


3.2 - Best Ways to Level Up

We all want to level up, right? Right, but how do we go about doing that? Kill a lot of bosses, right? WRONG. You actually level up quicker by killing enemies in Training Course Two than killing the bosses over and over. Why is this? I have no clue; I didn't make the game.

Just to clear up some confusion, if you want to get SXP (Battle-Chip), not EXP (Level), then by all means, go kill the bosses. The bosses are much more effective for SXP than EXP.

3.3 - Skill Trees and You!

Well, this game features Skill Trees. Skill Trees are useful when deciding what class of character you are making. Judging by what each character needs, you can't make a judgement on what Skills to level up, and which skills to ignore. Every character needs basic stuff, like Quick Cast and Energy Reserves, but when you look past that you have a TON of other stuff you can level up. Choose these carefully, but if you mess up, you can go to the shop to have them reset. They cost I pretty penny, though, I must warn you.

3.4 - Battle-Chips for Classes

We've talked about Battle-Chips a little bit. Here are some builds you might want to follow.

Fighter should have: (Character-Chip), Gutsman, Napalmman, and Fireman.
Medic should have: (Character-Chip), Splashwoman, Plantman, and Junkman.
Mage should have: (Character-Chip), (Battle-Chip of choice), Iceman, and Bombman.

Keep in mind, these are only recommendations. If something works better for you, go ahead and do it. This is just statistical advantages and has nothing to do with human-input.

3.5 - Achievements

Every game has their fair share of achievements, here are the eleven that you can get in this chapter. Remember, there are only eleven (+1), and they don't go in order (starts at #23, I mean.)

#23 - Completely Owned - Defeat Course Three bosses together, all a once (second time)
#24 - Intentional Fail - On course Two (Part 1), fall into the pit under the yellow angled floor
#25 - Ghost Hunter- Defeat the Hidden Boss (see 2.2.2.)
#26 - I Like 'Um Hard - On course Two (Part 2), keep falling off the platforms
#27 - Like a Boss - Defeat Course Three bosses separate (first time)
#28 - Strategery - Complete Course Two
#29 - Too Easy - Complete Course One
#30 - Firefly Reference - Complete Assignment two
#31 - Ain't Scurred - Complete Assignment one
#32 - Into the Frying Pan - Complete Mission one
#33 - Dy-no-might! - Defeat Dynamo
#34 - Pitfail - In Course One, fail to jump across a hole three times in a row.

3.6 - Get Rich Quick

In all games there is a cheap way to get a ton of money that can also be easily abused. This game is not an exception to that. To quickly get money, Steal from bosses for various extra knick-knacks that you can sell in the shop. That way, you get two high-priced items per boss.

4 - Battle-Chips and Commands

4.1 - Basic Chips

Gutsman ~ Mastery: +25 str, command: Crush

Bombman ~ Mastery + 10% power, command: Recharge

Fireman ~ Mastery +10% charge, command: Steal

Iceman ~ Mastery +10% focus, command: Loaded

Elec-chip ~ Mastery +10% charge, command: Overload

4.2 - Advanced Chips

Cutman ~ Mastery +3% crit chance, command: Pierce

Tornadoman ~Mastery + 3% crit chance, command: Burst Shot

Splashwoman ~ Mastery +10% healing, command: Withdrawl

Crystalman ~ Mastery + 25 E.def, command: Deep Scan

Magmanman ~ Mastery + 10 res, command: Intimidate

Metalman ~ Mastery + 25 agi, command: Guard Break

Airman ~ Mastery + 100hp/50 sp, command: Taunt

Quickman ~ Mastery + 1% evade rate: command: Feint

Magnetman ~ Mastery + 25 def, command: Drain

Snakeman ~ Mastery + 25 def, command: venom Drain

Stoneman ~ Mastery + 5% str, +100 power: command: Crush

Naplamman ~ Mastery + 5% eth, +100 charge, command: Recharge

Plantman ~ Mastery +10% HP, command: Regenerate

Junkman ~ Mastery +10% def, command: Cloak

4.3 - Character Chips

Light Chip (X Only)~ Mastery +10% def/hp: command: Deep Scan

Copy Chip (Axl Only) ~ Mastery + 10% str/eth: command: Overload

Willy Chip (Zero only) ~ Mastery + 10% str/sp: command: Pierce

4.4 - Commands

4.4.1 - Battle-Chip Commands

cloak - chances to evade attack is raised by 60%

regenerate - regenerate 20% hp

recharge - recharge a small portion of your sp

crush - attack enemy at full force, negating armour rating

venom strike - strike an enemy at 80% power, but with a chance to poison enemy for 2 rounds, poison effect stacks

drain - attack the enemy, convert 1/4 damage to health, if u are poisoned, increase damage by 1/4

feint - strikes an enemy quickly, dealing little damage but immediately start blocking afterwards

taunt - increase likelihood of getting attacked substancially

guard break - break through enemy defense, forcing them to unblock, chance to stun enemy upon successful guard break

intimidate - decrease likelihood of getting attacked substancially

deep scan - scan many target at once, can be used on enemies or on own party,
note: in other words, this command let u see the hp/sp and weakpoints of your enemy

withdrawl - poison is cured, but all periodic damage that it would caused is consolidated into one
attack. Damage cannot exceed 50% of target health and target becomes immune to poison
note: what it does is that it takes the poison damage and takes the rest of the damage that it would have deal to you and dealt it to your enemy(quite a handy skill, but it has a double-edge, now the enemy can't be poisoned)

burst shot - attack all enemies with your buster, but damage is reduced by 40%

pierce - pierce enemy defence,deals triple damage if enemy blocks

overload - convert your existing hp into a smaller amount of SP

loaded - +150% next eth/buster attack, is able to stack up to 300%

steal - attempt to steal an item from the enemy, chances is increased if target is asleep or stunned

4.5 - Battle-Chip Combinations

ele + ice = bomb + tornado = gut + splash = fire + cut = quick

ele + fire = gut + tornado = ele + junk = bomb + cut = air

ele + bomb = ice + fire = ele + plant = ice + junk = gut + cut = metal

ele + gut = ice + bomb = ele + napalm = ice + plant = fire + junk = magma

ice + gut = fire + bomb = ice + napalm = fire + plant = bomb + junk = crystal

fire + gut = ele + snake = fire + napalm = bomb + plant = gut + junk = splash

bomb + gut = ele + magnet = ice + snake = bomb + napalm = gut + plant = tornado

ele + tornado = ice + splash = fire + crystal = bomb + magma = gut + metal = stone

ice + tornado = fire + splash = bomb + crystal = gut + magma = ele + cut = snake

fire + tornado = bomb + splash = gut + crystal = ice + cut = magnet

ele + splash = ice + crystal = fire + magma = bomb + metal = gut + air = napalm

ele + crystal = ice + magma = fire + metal = bomb + air = gut + quick = plant

ele + magma = ice + metal = fire + air = bomb + quick = gut + magnet = junk

ele + quick = ice + magnet = fire + snake = gut + napalm = cut

ele + metal = ice + air = fire + quick = bomb + magnet = gut + snake = ice

ele + air = ice + quick = fire + magnet = bomb + snake = ele

5 - Upgrades

Energy level 5: + 20% hp

reinforcement level 5: + 20% def (unlocks bring it on)

improved regeneration level 1: upgrades regeneration commands to cure
blindness and poison as well.

Bully level 5: + 50% aggro (unlocks passive aggressive)

kinetic boost level 5: + 50% extra damage when using prime attacks

Ether Efficient level 5: + 20% SP

Blaster Master level 5: + 15% buster damage (unlocks barrels full of win)

Barrels Full of Win level 1: + extra attack and buster deal more damage

improved recharge level 5: + 50% extra SP when using recharge command

Quick Caster level 5: increase casting speed by 100%

Max Power level 5: + 15% str (unlocks impact)

Swiftness level 5: +20% agi (unlocks watchful eye)

Impact level 1: + extra attack and melee deals more damage

Bring it on level 1: Sometimes damage is halved. Chances increase with aggro

Watchful eye level 2: When attacked, support bar is increased a small
amount. Chances of success is 100%

Tolerance level 5: +40% res

Reflective Coating level 5: + 15% eth defense (unlocks element breaker and syphon)

Element Breaker level 5: + 35% elemental resistances

Field Medic: +25% healing ability

Passive Aggressive level 1: Melee Damage received is reduced according to aggro. The more aggro you take, the lesser the damage received.

Pierces level 5: + 7.5% crit chance (unlocks backstab)

Backstab level 1: small percent chance of dealing damage when stealing from target

Greedy level 5: increase chance to steal by 30%

Tactile level 5: + 7.5% evasion

6 - Special Thanks

I just want to thank you, the reader, for all the hoops you had to jump through to follow this walkthrough properly, and also for all the misspellings you had to put up with.

I want to thank ChamberACR for making this game in the first place. I couldn't have done it without him. Bless him when he goes off to the army (again).

I want to thank Capcom for making Megaman games in the first place. None of this would have been possible without your hundreds of people working for you.

7 - Legal Stuff

This walkthrough has been made by Jentry Jones (A.K.A. Yrtnej) and should not be used on any other site or any other web address than my homepage on Newgrounds.com it is stolen.

The respective parts that I didn't make myself (A.K.A., Reader-submitted parts), I take no credit for, and belong to their writers, respectively.

This walkthrough was made for Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1 and it cannot be used for anything else. The game that this refers to was made by Allen Royston (A.K.A. ChamberACR). I am in no way affiliated with the author. Original sprites in said game were made by Capcom.

This walkthrough may not be used by any other site unless you have my permission. Do not attempt to modify this walkthrough and rebrand it as your own. I will find you, and I will kill you.

Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Posted by Yrtnej - July 20th, 2008

I NEED something to do! Give me a 46x46, 92x92, or 184x184 idea for a scenery or image, and I'll make it. I'm just trying to fill in my time before I can go back to the BBS.


- You have to explain it well, or it might not come out right.
- Nothing sick, gory, adult, or have any explicit writing in your idea.
- Scenery, person, whatever you can think of.
- If you want to have a specific image with a specific background, say so.
- Make it possible, don't try to fit too many things into your idea.

Expectations of myself:

- It's going to be pixel form, but nothing too pixel-like. Like, "omg, sprite, i hate it"
- It's going to be drawn in Paint, quality shall be medium.
- Kick back, do something else, it's going to take a while.
- I'm in a novice-medium rank, but I can do better than most.
- I might have more than just you at the moment, so it might take a while.


- First come, first serve basis. If your second, wait.
- When it's done, it will be displayed as the image below, when something else is done, it's gone.
- If you want to keep it in highest quality, show me your E-mail through PM and I will send it to you.

Now, ask away. I can't wait to have something to do!

This is zombieoverlord1995's replacement icon.

And now I very proudly present:

Try me, I can take it...